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< support / dialogue group here


80% of your diploma will consist of the learning expressed through your Design Portafolio   so in whatever system you end up enrolling,  simply make sure you document all your work thoroughly.  In general it's good to have a PROCESS DIARY (how your process is going, a kind of blog) and all the various DESIGNS (content), describing why, how and when you did things.


If you would like to also qualify for a Chaordic Diploma just do as much as possible of that documenting online

(wikis, blogs, nings, webs, videos, audios, whatever..) and add the links to your profile page in the Chaordic Institute   (if you don't already have one, go here).


Note that the earlier you enrol on a diploma system and get a Mentor and Tutors to advise you, the earlier we are likely to spot basic errors of design (which almost everyone makes), so we can help you do great designs instead of just mediocre ones, and possibly avoid you making some classic big errors too.  And so speed up and widen your progress.


If you are interested in starting on your diploma pathway with the Chaordic Diploma System,

join this group and follow instructions: http://permainst.ning.com/group/dipint



Some background:


Theres is a a good interview with Andy Langford explaining some of the history, about action-learning, the benefits of online portafolios and peer-mentoring.


Here is a bit of History of the various Diploma Systems,

and the main page about the Chaordic Diploma (the various advantages it offers)


We hope you will help to compile the DiplomaManual

(but in the meantime we use the existing ones,

and the ning group is helping to flesh out the details > don't be shy, just ask! you'll be doing everyone a favour)




A very potted history:  the Chaordic PC Institute originated from an idea to re-design the DiplomaProcess, but some basic infrastructures (ie. this pilot and a credible number of initial profiles) was necessary in order to move on with that idea.

This is the result of the DiplomaGroup investigating and listing the various Diploma systems in existence (over the last few years) and asking lots of questions in the Diploma Lab (which all are still very welcome to participate in).




Some other pages of interest:


InternetEn, an article about whys and hows of Internet for the PC movement




















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