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From April 2011 you can join us on the PDC+++ course as a much improved way of getting advanced permaculture classes as well as ongoing personal support toward your diploma.
















































old information:



There is a Foulder of English Contents here (same as the "EN Instructions" foulder in Navigator)





Desde Abril 2011 puedes usar el programa del curso CDP+++ como forma mejorada para conseguir clases en permacultura avanzada además de apoyo personal continuado hacia tu diploma.
















































información vieja:




mudado el manual aquí





This is a site where we compile information about the PermaCulture Diploma process and also some PermaCulture (PC) design portafolios (also known as E-portafolios).


This wiki (in blue) is PUBLIC and there is another space (in green) which is private, where we can add parts to be shared only between diploma colleagues and tutors, and where we also keep the complete Manual.


Any permaculture designer is welcome to add their work here, regardless of whether you're doing your PC diploma or not, or which diploma path or system you subscribe to.


The private site is only for people enrolled on the study group for the diploma, and part of the support offered by the Permaculture Academy.


There is a basic map (observation excercise) of the various known PC Diploma Systems around the world on this page of the Chaordic PC Institute.


We are encouraging diploma students to participate also in the design of this same support sistem towards the diploma: a great pioneering 'invisible design' which you can add, as a group design, to your growing portafolio.


Participating actively in the designs that we are developing (doing the admin or organizational work for eg.) you can earn Permies, our complementary currency that you can then interchange for specific support towards your diploma (or other courses, servides, etc. within the network).


You will find the content of this wiki in the menu to the right > > > 

(if you don't see the menu please click on the little black arrow in the top right corner of this window)


You can also see the contents organized by foulders in the Navigator (first part of the menu to the right > > > )




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these links are admin. refs:




diploma application


teachers register appl.


academic centre reg.







Why and How Internet?    








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