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This is a Permaculture Diploma Portafolio Experiment

& Presentation for a Second Diploma (or Bachelor Degree)



 by Stefania Strega Scoz


 A Permaculture activist and educator

 passionate about dialogue & comunication

 towards figuring out more ways for

 maximising Collective Intelligence

  in order to design lots of more

  sustainable, just, vibrant and creative

  versions of Human Civilization


 < why the Callas





In the Menu > is the index of this Portafolio > >


and for a while it is very possible that this will look quite messy...


I hope to achieve various things with this effort:


1) accellerate my own learning curves as I make the effort to explain to others what I´ve been designing and why

2) get informed feedback from my colleagues towards improving all these designs (+ my learning)

3) create an example of what a diploma portafolio on line might look like ...

4) ... in order to encourage our diploma students with theirs and so (potentially) ...

5) ... accellerate learning and multiply communication a hundred-fold amongst us in the PC community

6) .... (and out, so teaching permaculture further)

7) communicate more effectively about all of the projects am working on

8) enjoy creating something new (never done a web portafolio, it´s interesting to explore the possibilities of this medium) ..

9) ... & something which others can hopefully also enjoy


so it´s very multi-functional



How it works


Part 1

of the menu are the 3 fields of work that the diploma considers and the various designs in each section: Academy (EDUCATION), FincaLuna (SITE DEVELOPMENT), CollectiveIntelligence (RESEARCH)


I have added a downloadable pdf for each section so that there is 'something tangible also' for this portafolio, but please note these are not copies but summaries of what's here in the wiki (the extra parts are in purple here, on the corresponding wiki pages).


Part 2

 is my personal + reference information like Curriculum Vitae, testimonials and reference articles (written by others and referred to in my work).


Part 3

 in the menu to the right > >


are the Reference and 'admin things', or the paperwork for the diploma (o digree, not sure yet), joining the Teachers Register and registering our node of the PC Academy  also (other multi-functions ... since they require more or less the same kind of documentation), as mentioned in the Year Book which is taken as an initial base for a dialogue on some future international PC policy - one function of this portafolio is to serve as a concrete example.


The first document is the Year Book which is made a lot easier to consult by having it available as an indexed web page - an important and visionary document proposing much good protocol for our PC community, I hope it will be distributed and read by many more people.







All comments and suggestions welcome


you can add your thoughts about this portafolio in the FeedForward page.


you just need an editing password, which I can send you, just emal me using the Contact Page


any other comments, ideas, suggestions very welcome ... please use the same Contact Page



thanks for visiting




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