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Why and How of Internet, for the PC Movement

12jan10, by Stella


This article is written in response to many comments (both in the english and spanish networks) which point to some confusion (or possibly cynicism) from some parts of the permacuture network regarding the use (or mis-use?) or internet tools.



Comments like "we believe in face-to-face meetings" seem to indicate that there is some element of 'belief' or preferences in this question, on either side.    This might ..


  1. be trying to make some reference to the dictum to use lower-tech solutions / go-plant-trees-don't-sit-in-front-of-a-computer type-ideas
  2. or perhaps it suggests that there are might be people who don't prefer to meet people face to face (and perhaps 'hide' behind a computer),
  3. or it points to a major lack of awareness (or caring about) as to the difficulties that the great majority of people have with getting to international or even national permaculture meetings, Conferences and Convergences
  4. possibly there is some belief that limiting conferences to the kinds of permaculture designers that are able and willing to direct their personal resources (time and money mostly) to going to periodic network meetings will somehow select-for the best or wisest / more appropiate people for the job of decision-making (in the name of all of us)
  5. a belief that presencial meetings are the most efficient structures for making decisions and getting to know people (and personal relationships are very important).


I think it probably is a mixture of all 5, in differing proportions in different people. 

If there are others please let's add to this list, as I think it's quite important we address these - as designers.


Here I would like to address each of these in turn, and then put into a wider design perspective why I think we need to seriously design for a consciously and effectively global movement, as permaculture designers.


... work in progress, will add response to 5 points here,




below is the start of the "wider picture" part.



So I'd like to clarify what I consider the design points of this issue, which for me is not about believers or non-believers, likes or dislikes, but simply about minimax and especially about access and equality of participation, designing for real participatory democracy, which is a factor in creating collective intelligence - which in turn is sorely needed today everywhere, and our permaculture network is no exception: what is however exceptional perhaps is that so very few of us are directing our (overall excellent) design skills to these ends, today.


Internet nowadays provides us with many tools that make participatory (and adeguately-informed) democracy a real possibility and also provide the all-important holopticism that is so essential for collective intelligence to work.   More people (including an important initially resistant 'permaculture hard-core' low-tech school group) are now able and willing to use internet, and web-literacy is increasing exponentially (as befits the  next phase of global civilization).


In terms of Natural Successions and trends... this simplified diagram of the Ages of Humankind is a very useful summary and map of where we might be ...

If we are at the start of a new Planetary Fase of evolution then we are (according to this model) in the throes of deciding (designing or 'letting happen') these big and crucial decisions:


1) what kind of globalization (a global village or a globe of villages or ... ?)


2) what kind of global governament (by the multinationals or by the people or ... ?), and


3) what kind of internet communications (towards an amplification of stupidity or a  hightened collective intelligence or ... ?)


(see Consultation about InternetProblems in the Chaordic Institute)




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